Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rgt #03: M. Akers - The Elders Of New Detroit

rgt #03: M. Akers - The Elders Of New Detroit C20

    Black limousines silently roll into view as dope-slinging shit bags congregate at the docks, poised to pull off the biggest scag deal in Detroit.  Everything is going as planned until the shipment barge from Windsor is suspiciously late and the inside guy at the police station is not responding.  Gunshots break out from all directions as the Detroit 5-0 suddenly storm onto the scene.  Que Matt Akers’s synth grooves to bust in on top of the hailing bullets & gratuitous explosions as we root for a scrappy detective who manages to lay waste to every crooked fucker there & clean up the Motor City, once and for all.   
    Sure to please fans of Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, & b-movie action flicks, Akers’s latest finds him further widening his range, utilizing an expanding library of sound & texture, and honing his overall soundtrack craft to a fine point.  Homage is undoubtedly paid to dusty thrift store VHS scores but more significantly these tracks stand memorably on their own, kicking ass with machismo swagger much like the heroes of the movies they evoke. 
    High bias type II chrome tapes with full-color, double-sided folding J-cards.  Limited to 50.

  The Elders Of New Detroit Preview by Matt Akers

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