Thursday, March 17, 2011

rgt #01: Den - Bronze Fog

rgt #01: Den - Bronze Fog C24

8 tracks of routine interplanetary violence ruptured from drums, bass, and various forms of synth damage & harnessed pedal signals.  Noise rock for noise heads, Den offers shrill electronic abrasion, yet trades the formless distortion pedal army for structured heft, lifeless landscapes, Black Sabbath, and Jupiter.  Nuclear winter jams for seedy space dives.

Pro dubbed & imprinted high bias type II chrome tapes.  Full-color, double-sided J-cards with art by Jacob van Loon.  Limited to 100.

  Saint Of Killers by Den.

  Bronze Fog excerpt by Den.


· Terminal Escape
· Uaxuctum 
· Weed Temple
· Foxy D