Wednesday, April 6, 2011

going ons

· Synth wizard Matthew Akers will be contributing a c20 to Retrograde, tentatively entitled, "The Elders Of New Detroit."

Akers creates killer soundtracks to dusty 80s vhs tapes never made.  From Akers, regarding his excellent cdr, "The Future Barbarians:"
"Think of it as the score to JOE D'AMATO directing an ALIEN rip-off flick starring AL CLIVER and GEORGE EASTMAN. 4 tracks (at 23 minutes) of JOHN CARPENTER, FABIO FRIZZI, TANGERINE DREAM inspired synthesizer driven tunes."

Looting The Armory by Matt Akers

Paypal him $4/$6/$8 @ slowery_brazil at yahoo dot com for a copy.

· Progress has slowed to a crawl on the Explosive Joseph tape, but will eventually surface.  Eventually.  Some drunk mules just won't budge.

· Slabs of noise are coming together for rgt #04.

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