Wednesday, June 29, 2011

rgt #04: Kraken Mare - Kraken Mare

rgt #04: Kraken Mare - Kraken Mare C18

    “Kraken Mare is an appropriate descriptor for this music -- it evokes a vague, almost gothic darkness, something stirring beneath the surface, perpetually brooding. There is something rustic and worn about these feedback and synth drones, where electronic screeches stand in for wailing choirs and violent pedal outbursts replace a forgotten string section. It's as if the instrumentation that could have populated these tracks caked with rust over time, leaving only a bleak, abandoned metallic landscape for our listening pleasure." - Keith Rankin of Giant Claw

    High bias type II chrome tapes with full-color, double-sided folding J-cards.  Limited to 50. 
  Kraken Mare - Kraken Mare preview by Retrograde Tapes 

Sold Out, repress in the works

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