Monday, February 6, 2012

rgt #08: Nodolby - Untitled

rgt #08: Nodolby - Untitled C40

    Italian sound-shredder Nodolby contributes 40 minutes of frantic circuit bent cut-edits & gurgling synth jitter.  Never still and never settled, the A side rewards the close listener with ever-changing texture sheets draped over cold drones that gnaw through frontal lobes like an injection of synthetic termites hungry for your cortex.  The B side breathes considerably heavier after their feast, a dimming, emotionally somber piece that continually sinks deeper into a bleak, dark world until the light has fully faded.

  High bias type II chrome tapes with full-color, double-sided J-cards.  Limited to 50.

  Nodolby - Untitled preview by Retrograde Tapes  

· Tiny Mix Tapes 
· DDb 

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