Monday, February 6, 2012

rgt #07: Parashi - Silenus

rgt #07: Parashi - Silenus C27

   At my first listen of Mike Griffin’s work I sat perplexed, really scratching my head over what I had just heard, wondering what the hell I’d just experienced.  Even after countless listens later, more often than not I still don’t have much more than the slightest clue yet the mystery just makes the listening experience better. On Silenus, Parashi maintains that captivating mystery by employing the services of a beat merchant hell-bent on summoning some sort of lurching beast, then sits on the altar paranoid & afraid to leave the comfort of its confines after it materializes.  A truly discomforting pair of recordings, even for those already familiar with his ominous & often hostile sound world. 
  High bias type II chrome tapes with full-color, double-sided J-cards.  Limited to 50.

  Parashi - Silenus preview by Retrograde Tapes  

-Sold Out-

· Weed Temple

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